FHS Booster Club Awarded Grant to Install Video Reader Boards

The Ferndale Golden Eagles Booster Club is proud to announce their application for a grant to install a digital reader board for Ferndale High School has been accepted and approved by the Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC).

The Booster Club submitted their application for the grant money last year in December. While design and location has not been finalized, the grant money will be applied toward the purchase and installation of a two-sided digital reader board to be located near the roundabout adjacent to Ferndale High School.

The high school will be equipped with the means to control the reader board messages so organizations within the school will be able to keep the community and student body informed of their activities.This also presents the opportunity to recognize sponsors, local businesses and organizations that support school activities.

The Ferndale Golden Eagles Booster Club is extremely grateful to the LIBC for their generosity.

This will enable greater communication between the school and the community while creating more pride in the school.

The goal for the project is to have the reader board installed and functional in time for the start of classes in September.

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